Meet Our Staff

Ensuring Enjoyable Experiences

Our Staff is composed of accomplished string educators from throughout the state. The camp directors are Grace Parsons and Matt Thomas. Many wonderful string educators from around the state have taught at the camp throughout its history, including Sharon Anderson, Tim Anderson, Tricia Anderson, James Barket, Ken Billups, Sarah Black, Evelyn Champion, Amy Clement, Sheldon Fisher, Carolyn Landreau, James Landreau, Sam Lowder, Marilyn Seelman, Carl Rieke, Noelle Saleh, Bernadette Scruggs, Natascha Smith, Paula Swart, and many others!

Staff duties not only include working with students during orchestra rehearsals, but also supervising activity time, coaching sectional rehearsals, passing out ice cream, hiking into the woods, making popcorn, dressing up like fools, watching movies, and attending to the needs of the wonderful students who come to us. Our usual staff to student ratio is around 1 to 7, providing an excellent degree of both student contact and security.